Injury Sale!

I’ve been battling a wrist injury this week and I have been resting it, so no new pattern…Boooo.

BUT to make up for it I am offering a 24 hour sale! Enter the code June10sale to receive 50% off today only!!! 

I am also accepting Visa and MasterCard payments outside of paypal, so for those who are anti-paypal, we’re here for ya!

I am working on the winning entry from my contest this week and it may or may not be done by next Tuesday. I am hoping it will be but I can only work for a short time each day so I don’t re-injure my wrist.

Pimp Stitch News:
We have a new free pattern up at Pimp Stitch this week, so go check it out embroidery fans!

It’s called: “Get Your Party On!” and it was designed by the fabulous Amy Cluck of Peptogirl!

So go stitch up a storm! If you’ve never embroidered before, it soooo easy, probably among the easiest crafts to pick up. Plus, it’s addicting!


4 thoughts on “Injury Sale!

  1. Karin says:

    Thanks for the discount 🙂 I hope your wrist gets better soon.

  2. Sonja says:

    Sure sorry to hear that. Heal fast!

  3. aaliyah says:

    hi there, sorry to hear about your injury. i hope that you recover soon and hope that is not too painful for you. take care and get lots of rest. chocolate always makes me feel better 😀

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