Embroidery again…

I have been working on the Yeti…he’s about 60% done…head+body complete…just needs his extremities and he’s done! I am pretty hopeful for a Tuesday release.

Tuesday is also a big day for me because Pimp Stitch will be opening…so all of us are stitching our little guts out and this was my most recent finished stitchery:

Bunny Boy w/heartHe’s my little Bunny Boy. I have a few more “boys in costumes” coming with him…I think they’re cute…I hope you guys do too. Someone told me that they look like my dolls in 2D…I thought that was so cool. I hope that they do.

I’ll also have a free embroidery pattern coming out that day…It’s called “The Party’s Over”. I thought it was funny since we have been doing party themed projects all month and mine is the last in the series. I think it’s a really cute stitchery too…I’m working on it right now.

I also hope you guys aren’t bothered by all the embroidery talk lately…but I’m so excited about it!


Tamie Snow


4 thoughts on “Embroidery again…

  1. Amy says:

    He’s cute! I love his little crooked mouth! No kidding about us stitching our guts out. At least we know how to sew them back in, right?!

  2. ruth says:

    awww… how adorable!

  3. Josefin says:

    I dont mind the embroidery talk, I do that craft too, so its just fun! 😀

  4. Gemma says:

    Super cute design, I love it!

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