Huge Sale!!!!

To Celebrate the release of my book, “Tiny Yarn Animals“, releases on August 5th, I’m having a huge sale.

For this week only, you can buy my “All Roxycraft Patterns” Collection which contains all current Roxycraft patterns for 75% off the retail price. $84 worth of patterns for $21.50! Amazing!

If you live in the Sacramento Area, I’ll be signing copies of Tiny Yarn Animals at the Borders Store of Fair Oaks Blvd on August 7th at 7pm.

So come one out and meet me, cause I certainly want to meet YOU! Have a coffee at the Seatle’s Best (my cousin is the District Manager for SB) and have a chat. I’ll be open for a Q&A and maybe a demo too…still trying to figure that out…lol.

Hope I see you there!!!


Do you sew? Check out my pal Missy’s blog today for some super cute sewing e-patterns now in her etsy shop.

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2 thoughts on “Huge Sale!!!!

  1. Christy says:

    I’m so happy for you!

  2. lauren says:

    Yay, Tamie! We will be there (and embarrass you thoroughly, I’m sure!) 🙂

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