I have new patterns up at Pimp Stitch!

Embroidery lovers get excited! Christmas seems far off now, but it’s never too early to start your Christmas crafting, right? Both of my patterns this week are direct from Roxycraft crochet patterns!!

So for your Mr. Tubbs lovers there is Let it Snow. A cute little snowman with a couple trees to keep him company out in the cold.





And for you Big Blue and Yeti fans, there is Monsters! A scary cute stitchery to brighten up you day!

For those of you who are behind in buying my Pimp Stitch patterns, there is a new and cheap way to get all caught up! I am offering a Summer 2008 bundle that includes all the patterns I realeased in June and July. Six patterns for the price of five!! $15.00 for all 6…awesome deal and an easy way to snag all the patterns you’ve missed!

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3 thoughts on “I have new patterns up at Pimp Stitch!

  1. ruth says:

    nice wp theme!! =)
    and i agree, never too late for Christmas. although, even though i *think* that, i never get my butt into gear until the last minute. =(

  2. andrea says:

    love the monster!

  3. Julie says:

    Oh I love these too. Wish I had tons of money..

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