What to watch while crafting…

51iVeE9Lt2L__SL500_AA240_I think it's important to have something really great to watch while I sit and crochet and knit my brains out. What do I watch? I watch a lot of "The Office".

Today made me especially happy because I just received my copy of Season 4 in the mail from Amazon. 

I'm almost through the first disk! I can't wait for the next Season to start. Go Dunder Mifflin!



3 thoughts on “What to watch while crafting…

  1. yoli says:

    I prefer softcore …..
    I’m kidding! For the real, I don’t watch much tv, but you and everyone else and “they” momma seems to have mad love for this show. Maybe I’ll break down and rent a season.
    Seriously, they are already on their 5th season? Sheesh, I need to get out more.

  2. Tamie Snow says:

    You should Yoli!! Starte with Season 2…you’ll be hooked.

  3. amber says:

    I was actually watching my new copy of the The Office Season 4 while I was crocheting the little froggie from your book the other day. Weird coincidence! I love that show, although Season 4 isn’t my favourite. If I had to have a fave I think it would be Season 2 or 3. I’m am really loving parts of season 4 though…”The Dinner Party,” “Branch Wars”, “Night Out” and “The Deposition”.
    Whenever I’m crocheting I have to have the TV on and I usually like watching television seasons so that I can do a project while working my way form the first ep. of a season to the end of the season.

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