Learn to Crochet Left-Handed :: Making a Chain

Lesson Two :: Making a chain

Chain 1

Start with your Slip Knot tightened down on your hook now you are ready to make your first chain.

Chain 2 

Step One: Yarn Over

Def: "yarn over", abbrev: YO, Take the working end (the end attached to your skein or ball of yarn) and pull it up and over the hook (toward you).

Chain 3 

Step Two: Pull through hoop

Pull your hook to the left. It should catch your yarn over and pull it clean through the slip knot hoop.

Chain 4 

Step Three: Do it Again

Look at the picture and you will see you have made your first chain! Exciting! Now you will yarn over again.

Chain 5 

Step Four: Repeat Step Two

Pull your hook to the left again repeating step two.

Chain 6 

Once it's through, you will have made two chain stitches. Repeat steps one and two 8 more times. You should end up with 10 chain stitches.

Chain 7 

At this point, I suggest practicing your chains until you can make releaxed, even stitches. If you make your chain too tight, you will find it extremely difficult to continue on to making single crochet.

If you want to Finish Off your work (abbrev: "FO"), simply cut the working end of your yarn and pull it through the hoop with your hook…then tighten it down.

When I was learning I spent a hour or so just making long chains to perfect my tension and stitching. I found it very helpful to do.

Next Lesson: Single Crochet


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