My House :: Bedroom Inspriation

It's Fall again, the chill is in the air…that means one thing in the Snow house, renovation time. We spend all summer playing the yard and now we are back to focusing on the spaces we use most.

Recently we repainted our kitchen a festive Mandarin Orange. It looks great with our super white cabinetry, black accents and dinette set and especially with our red accessories!


We also got a new pendant lamp(no picture yet) that hangs over the sink…also red and galls…nice!

Right now, the hub (who refuses to let me TOUCH a paint brush, is painting my son's bedroom two shades of blue. I lighter shade for the walls and a darker one for the ceiling, which we hope to paint a night sky on.

After that, we are getting back, finally, to our Master Bedroom. Last year, we painted it a hideous orange red color and we hated it so much that we never even finished cutting in. So now we are trying to decide whether to finish painting it the hideous color or start fresh…guess which route I'd like to take?

Yeah…so I went to Flickr today and search "Bedroom" to get some inspiration and color ideas. After wading through a TON of pornagraphic photos tagged with "bedroom" (don't even get me started on the group search) I found a few that tickled my fancy.

You will probably notice a light airy theme throughout…I am sick and tired of living in a dark orange cave and ready to have light and color around me again. I am thinking of going really light on the walls and bedding and adding color with accessories and furniture. What do you think? Got a favorite in these pictures?


I am going to keep looking for more ideas on the web and of course I'll let you in on the decisions and final product!

4 thoughts on “My House :: Bedroom Inspriation

  1. Chris says:

    ooh – I love that pale blue wall w/orange bedspread one! I’m loving that color combo lately! And by lately, I mean extremely lately – like when I set my bag of orange, yellow, and tangerine flax on the steps to take upstairs yesterday, then plunked a ball of teal blue wool on top of it – wow, who’d have thought such a combo would look great?! And I love your kitchen colors too!

  2. Debie Trotti says:

    I like number 1 and number four with the black dresser. I just bought a black dresser for our master bedroom and it kicks butt because you can put anything with it! Good luck with the paint. I hate picking colors!

  3. Amy Cluck says:

    Pimk! Pink! Go with the pink! But if you must know my second choice, it’s aqua blue. Can’t wait to see the new decor at Casa Snow!

  4. D at QDM says:

    I like the top left hand one. A lot.
    I’m so glad that you’ve switched to typepad and I can now comment on your blog posts. I know that I haven’t yet…but I am now!

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