My Bedroom :: Progress

A few weeks ago, I posted a mosaic of bedrooms from flickr that were inspiring me in my quest to redecorate. I have finally made progress!

This is the before picture:

Notice the ceiling fan (replaced), dresser (on the left), curtains (gone) and horrifying RED ROOM!


Still need to cut in on the top, but we painted all the furniture ourselves instead of buying new. We're on the thrift hunt for a headboard to paint black. We also want new bedding…I kind like this one:

I plan to add some wall lighting by the bed and move the green lamp to the dresser.

On the wall that you can't see in the photo is the door to our bathroom and a bookshelf, also newly painted black. I am trying to arrange my books by color now and I realized I had no green books! Loads of black ones. Hmmm. But of course, these are just my novels, I keep all my craft books in my office 😉

More to come as we add more details!

2 thoughts on “My Bedroom :: Progress

  1. Its a great bedroom, The green color has totally changed the look. It has added pleasant feature.

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