Pre-Christmas Snapshots…

The hub has finally decided to pick up a hook and give crochet a try…this is him wearing his first Finished Object…a lovely scarf. I think he's a natural.

Billy in his first Finished Object!

do you see the christmas ghost?

Do you see a Christmas Spirit?

My beautiful boy! This was my Christmas card this year.

Merry Christmas


4 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Snapshots…

  1. Tamie Snow says:

    Wow, I’m impressed! Go Billy! Loved my card, btw, I put it on the fridge!

  2. sheila says:

    Wow!!!! wtg and yep he sure does look like a natural crocheter, bet you were very proud, and hubby too at his finished work, well done

  3. Stacey Ball says:

    Wow, Billy did a great job! How did you do the tree picture with him hazzy in the background. Very cool….and I LOVED the card by the way.

  4. Nicci k says:

    Hi Tamie First of all yes your boy is beautiful and hay that first attampt of your Hubs is fantastic he should be dead proude. My first attempt was no wear near as good. SO WELL DONE HUB.
    I have your book which is totally fantastic and your tips youve picked up along the way on page 5 and 6 was fantastic helpful and so down to earth So thanks so much.
    I have just started Amigurumi and am totaly addicted and am buying up all books on amazon that i can find to fill my shelf. And yesturday I started my first in a spiral Amigurumi teddy which i am crochet as a raffle prize for a my sons school coffee morning aranged by myself and the mums group to raise money for the school. And i am so addicted to this way of crochet I can not put it down, cant believe how easy it is and why i was so scared off and wish so much that i had a go a long long time ago. It is million times easier and niceer to look at than back and fourth crochet.
    So thanks for your info and encouragement in your book Keep up the fantastic work AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING US ANOTHER BOOK XXXX You are a fantasticlly talanted woman and should be dead proude OF yourself xxxxx

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