Craft Show Wrap-up :: IndieSacramento Valentine

The clouds parted and we had a beautiful rain-free day just in time four our 3rd IndieSacramento show this Saturday Feb 7th!

This is also my 3rd time partnering with my PimpStitch girls in organizing this event with me helming the vendor coordination! I love hanging with the vendors and getting to know them all so well! It's such a fun social job for me and I love it! I also love all my lovely vendors and am so grateful for all of thier support while we try and make a go of these events!

This show was great. A fabulous group of exhibitors, wonderful music, delicious goodies made my us all (well my share was made by Billy. Apparently, he makes some kick-ass brownines, who knew?).

I hope a good time was had by all…I had a blast!


Here are some pictures of the amazing people and things you can find at an IndieSac show! The next one is on March 7th…you HAVE to come if you can!











Mark your calendars for our next show!!!



8 thoughts on “Craft Show Wrap-up :: IndieSacramento Valentine

  1. Yoli Manzo says:

    Looks like it was a blast. I am so sorry I missed this month’s show. (I had a date with a cabin this weekend)
    I hope to catch you Chica’s next month fo sho!

  2. celia says:

    Love the little hearts!!!! lol…
    So cute! I am going to buy tomorrow a bit of cotton yarn to make some myself!

  3. EssHaych says:

    I wish we had fairs like this in England!

  4. Ida says:

    The colorson the hearts and mushrooms are wonderful! Thank you so much for charing the heart pattern! / Ida, Sweden

  5. Krysta says:

    How do I get a hold of one of those ‘Love is…. Round’ shirts?!?!? My husband loves bikes and this would really make him smile. I wish I could attend the show for reals. Alas we are too far, too busy and only have our bikes to depend on. (If it wasn’t winter we would so be there on our bikes) Thanks!

  6. Svannah says:

    I noticed in a picture on Peptogirl’s blog that you had kits for a few of patterns from RoxyCrafts and Pimp Stitch. I was wondering where I could buy them, if you are selling them somewhere. 🙂 I would love to get my hands some of them.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Oh how I wish I lived near enough to head to the March show! As it is, I am grateful for the Roxycraft resource!
    (And as promised, I just blogged the completion of Big Butie for my daughter here:
    and have already begun Big Blue for my son. 🙂 )
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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