New toy for me!

So random. A clip of mine from Youtube got picked up to be in a BBC documentary! It's not about crafts or amigurumi or anything remotely close…it's about Swarms! In fact, it's called Swarms-Nature's Incredible Invasions. It's two part show that has already aired in the UK. I am told it will be on the Discovery channel here in the States soon. Weird right? Here's our original footage below. I think they used like 20 seconds of it and, though I haven't seen it, they probably took out the commentary. (clip has a curse word in it at the end NSFW)

So back to new toys…so we got paid for this. Not much but enough to buy a new toy for ourselves! Yesterday was President's Day and sales abounded and I picked up this awesome brand new point and shoot camera for $100 off online!


It's 1/2" thick, have a lcd touch screen and it's LIME GREEN! I'm in hog heaven. Much improved from our old Sony Cybershot which looks like a clunker next to this one. But that old camera lasted us for 4 years! So we can't really complain. Plus, we used that old clunker to film the clip that got us this new baby! Oh did I mention the new camera take HD video? Maybe I'll take more footage and end up in a new documentary in a few years when it's time to upgrade again. LOL!

/brag fest.


3 thoughts on “New toy for me!

  1. julie says:

    so super cool. I love the new camera. We need one soo bad!

  2. goody-goody says:

    Congrats! How fun! Love the hub’s voice–how many times did he say “Dude!”? And the last line is hilarious. 🙂

  3. Bethany (yarnorgy) says:

    Good Stuff! Hilarious!

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