Recipe :: I am on a Smoothie Kick

Lately, I have felt like I need a more effective strategy to get in my recommended daily allowance of fruit and veg. I decided that a fruit smoothie for breakfast and a big salad for lunch would be a step in the right direction.

It's been two weeks now and I must say, there is a difference in my energy level and general mood. So bonus!


Maybe drinking brightly colored smoothies out of awesome acrylic tumblers from Target helps!

Recipe for kick ass, feel full longer, SUPER DUPER Smoothie::

I use protein powder in my shakes…not a ton, but I don't want to be staving an hour after I drink it, so there ya go. I use an egg white protein powder and it's great. Ask about it at your local health food store.

Trader Joe's Frozen Fruit:: 3/4c Very Cherry Berry Mix – 1/4c of Mango Chunks (or 1c of frozen fruit of your choice) TJ's has some good combos.

1/4c Non-Fat Milk

1/2c Juice. (I recently tried V8V-Fusion in Pomegranate Blueberry: awesome+veg serving)

1/2c of Non-Fat Plain Yogurt (also purchased at TJ's)

Blend until smooth*ie



3 thoughts on “Recipe :: I am on a Smoothie Kick

  1. Tricia says:

    Thanks for posting this Tamie, I LOVED these and I already miss and crave them! 🙂 I’m going to try to start making these for myself every morning.

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    I am definitely going to try this recipe out! Thanks for posting it.

  3. Kim says:

    You can also add oatmeal if you’d like (and have no allergies). It helps lower cholesterol and keeps you full. About half a cup and it all gets mixed up in the blender. Adds a bit of a nutty taste too.

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