More Bunny Boos + Maker Faire!

I decided to make some more of these guys to give to my favorite little ones this Easter. So here are my latest 2! I plan to make maybe 2 more.


If you missed it, get the free pattern here.

If you've made one…post it to the Roxycraft Flickr Group!!

In other news…I'm going to be vending at Bazaar Bizarre at Maker Faire on May 30th & 31st in San Mateo! I'm so excited! Come out and see me!



3 thoughts on “More Bunny Boos + Maker Faire!

  1. Abby says:

    CUTE… I love these colours!! great work.

  2. Your bunnies are really cute and adorable!!!! Can’t hold my hands off their ears, feel like want to pull them :p

  3. Lauren says:

    Those are adorable, of course. Am I one of your favorite little ones?? Pleeeease??

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