Craft Show Wrap Up :: IndieSacramento May Market

Vended at IndieSac May Market yesterday with a promise from the weatherman that there would be only a low chance of rain and overcast skies.


Well, the skies opened up and rained throughout the entire event without pause. But the promsie of some awesome swag bags brought out the peeps and we had a very decent crowd considering the weather.

Luckily we had a tent, so although we were soggy, we didn't get soaked.


My hub is my biggest fan and therefore the best salesman I could imagine. I am not exactly shy, but I don't sell myself well…too self depricating I think. But Billy did an amazing job selling my wares and it gave me a chance to wander around the show, which was fun!

We sat next to our friends The Guess Family of Little Brown Box. Jack and Audrey got to keep each other company under the tents.


Here's Tom Guess selling away while Jaymi took the kiddos to the playground in Freemont Park.


And a good time was had by all!


except when they tried to take Audrey's pink chair…



3 thoughts on “Craft Show Wrap Up :: IndieSacramento May Market

  1. Marian Bower says:

    Boy, I wish I was there! I’m glad it was a good day!

  2. Lauren says:

    Dude. Nobody should mess with your pink chair. Nobody! It was fun to see you!

  3. Susan says:

    Your things are so cute. I posted a little something on my blog about the show.

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