Amigurumi Lessons :: Which is the Right Side?


4 thoughts on “Amigurumi Lessons :: Which is the Right Side?

  1. carol walther says:

    Hi, I have your book, Tiny Barnyard Animals, and it is great. I’m a new amigurumi fan – and I am stumped already:(
    I emailed you last night, but haven’t heard back – and I need to get this made for a new grandbaby coming very soon!:)
    I’m trying to make the hippo, pg 41… and I am having trouble following your directions for the muzzle. I don’t understand how it is a round? Could you please clarify for me? As in, very specifically explain how I do this part of the body? Thanks! cw

  2. carol walther says:

    Hi, it’s me again. I realized last night that I put down the wrong book, I bought the Tiny Yarn Animals book – and the hippo pattern is on page 41. Sorry – looking forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks again – cw

  3. Holly says:

    Thank you for this… I was making a pony and the instructions kept telling me to turn it inside out and stuff, which made the ‘wrong” side the side you see. I thought it looked wrong, but it was my first stuffed crochet project so I didn’t want to sway from the directions. Thanks again!!!

  4. (lia) says:

    I love you so much for putting this video up! I’m working the little egg-shaped bunny right now and thought “hmm… I wonder which is the right side?” and BAM! There’s the link to this awesome video! You rock.

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