Things I got for my Birthday :: Juicer!

 I had a birthday over the weekend. I am now the ripe old age of 31.(shhh don't tell)


As I get good pictures of everything, I'll be posting pics of my presents. First on my list…a new JUICER!


Woot! My husband surprised me with this after everyone was gone (since he didn't wrap it and also, kept forgetting he hadn't given it to me yet (thanks tequila).

It was the perfecto present for me because, as you may know, I LOVE smoothies and am getting the itch to experiment with fresh juices not commonly available in stores…like cantaloupe and kiwi, you know fun!

Today was my first test run with it and I juiced a mango and a peach, threw in some of my Mangolicious frozen fruit blend from TJs, a couple strawberries, some frozen pineapple, 4 ice cubes and 1/2c plain yogurt.

Holy yummy! I can really taste the fresh juice and it is soooo good.

Just one thing…the mango i juiced didn't smell like I expected it to. Not bad like it wasn't good to eat, just not sweet like I expected…kinda pukey. But it tasted good, so hells bells, who knows?



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