Things I got for my Birthday :: New Quilt!

A few months back, while pondering my new purple bedroom, my old wedding ring quilt with no colors close to matching purple and the upcoming heat of the summer…I had an idea.


I mentioned to my mom (who can sew where I cannot) that a quilt would be an amazing birthday gift for me. It would come at the perfect time, before the heat of summer really stikes. She said she would make me one! I was so excited. She got the colors that I wanted and I even picked out a fat quarter sample with all the colors I wanted in it for her to refernce.

But as the months went on, she never mentioned it again.

I had given up on the whole thing and really didn't expect it…I was already poking around the web for one to buy, with no luck (thank goodness). I had even made other suggestions for gifts and fully expected to be getting one of those.

Well I was wrong! At my B-day BBQ my Mom surprised me with this amazing quilt she made. It is wonderful! So soft (she picked out very soft muslin for the sleep side) and cozy. There's love in every stitch and it makes for very sweet dreams!


Thanks Mom!!! XXXOOO We love it!


5 thoughts on “Things I got for my Birthday :: New Quilt!

  1. carolbrowne says:

    It’s beautiful! And happy belated birthday to you. Sweet dreams!

  2. Marian Bower says:

    Ah, shucks. I am glad you like it! It was made with love. I am glad that I was successful in surprising you. Love you!

  3. Beautiful collection of birthday gifts

  4. When I celebrated my birthday I was awaken by a new blanket and a breakfast ala king in my bed.

  5. Online Shops says:

    This bed cover is really nice and colorful just like the one I am using now.

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