New Doll :: Fuzzy Panda

I have been experimenting with some new techniques for amigrurmi and this week I've been playing with a brushing technique involving a dog slick brush and wool yarn.

I have made three dolls involving this and the first one I'm sharing with you is my favorite so far…Fuzzy Panda.


I haven't written up the pattern yet, but I plan to do a photo tutorial on the technique soon.

I hate doing the same dolls multiple times, so I am trying to make different dolls to bring to Renegade in July. So I hope to have lots of new dolls to show you in the coming weeks.


4 thoughts on “New Doll :: Fuzzy Panda

  1. Chris says:

    ooh – I love that fuzzy brushed look!! who knew cute could get cuter!

  2. beavisfreak says:

    if you give us this wonderful pattern, i will be first in line for it! i saw this and died from cute overload!

  3. Shorty says:

    I love your experimentation! And that you’re sharing the technique! I’m amazed by your work!

  4. Amy P says:

    I love the fuzziness!!! I just found your web stuff and made a The Gabu .. Posted here – at my blog! Thank you for sharing some of your talent and skills for us all to learn from!

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